Nice and peaceful European country along the Baltic Sea, it’s relatively small in its size but takes – and offers – all the benefits of it.

Estonia is wide-known as E-COUNTRY. It’s the first one where the online political voting system was implemented and the only one providing the e-residency. The level of digitalization ensures high business transparency and less bureaucracy. 99% of governmental services are available online.

This is a land where START-UPS are rising and UNICORNS are born – it’s already 10 of them since 2005 and the number is still growing. Sure you have heard about Skype, Bolt, and Wise – so, they are from Estonia.


Estonia is geographically located at the CROSSROADS of Northern, Eastern and Western Europe, combining the best of all three on a cultural and business level. From Central Europe, you can get to Estonia by plane. From Northern Europe also by ferry – it’s only two hours from Helsinki. You may come by bus from Latvia and Lithuania – it takes 4,5 h (15 eur) from Riga and 8,5 h (35 eur) from Vilnius.

The INTERNAL TRANSPORTATION network of Estonia is well-developed. Traveling by bus, train or car takes just a few hours to cross the country. Coming on a weekend you may easily cover most of the must-see places. Internal tourism is highly promoted and supported in Estonia, every visitor will find a tour of a taste.

Estonia is a GREEN country. Around 50% of its area is covered by forest and a green-thinking is also widely spread. Sustainability, ecological responsibility, recycling, and green energy are not just words in Estonia. By the way, World Clean Up Day got a start in Estonia in 2000.

Along with a great respect for its medieval heritage and wild nature presence, MODERN ART and CREATIVE DESIGN are highly promoted in Estonia. Check out Tellliskivi Creative City, Estonian Design House, and Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival.

Area: 45 223  km² / Population: 1.3 million / EU member since 2004 / Schengen area since 2007 / Capital: Tallinn / Language: Estonian / Currency: euro / Coffee cup price: ~2,5 – 6 eur